Welcome to the $RANGO community, where we come together to explore a more regenerative artistic future. Over the last decade, I’ve dedicated my life to exploring what it means to be an artist. Sometimes even avoiding calling myself an artist because I wasn’t sure what it really meant. To me, we are all artists. We all engage in the daily creative dance we call life. It’s up to us, as the creator and observer of these creative expressions, what meaning we extract from it all and what we choose to do with that creative power.

Today, we’re launching $RANGO — a token to reward those that support my art. With the help of p00ls and their social token protocol, I am now able to reward those that believe in my art, my expression, with $RANGO. By owning and investing in my digital collectibles, you are actively supporting emerging artists in embracing a more sustainable and regenerative lifestyle while being rewarded for your contributions. If you're already an owner of any of my digital collectibles, check your wallet!
All holders are now able to use $RANGO on @theperkshop to claim some cool perks here.

Kio plushie coming soon....
Don't understand digital collectibles?
No worries! We've created accessible ways for you to earn $RANGO without the need for a digital wallet or owning any of my NFTs (non-fungible tokens). My mission is to create an inclusive community where everyone can participate and actively contribute to the growth of aspiring regenerative artists. We'll also be hosting web3 learning experiences to better help you understand the tech and why we're choosing to use it.

I want to thank @p00ls_ and everyone that has supported my journey so far. I'm excited to create fun ways to reward those that support me and my art, my expression. Special thanks
for being my current #1 collector and top holder of $RANGO <3