HeyBela Sessions 002 ft Pete Rango
This is #HeybelaSessions 2/4 FT Pete Rango

A musical movement spearheaded by HeyBela, aimed at forging powerful collaborations with producers who bring their unique sound to challenge her to rap in different rhythms.
This project is more than just about creating amazing music. Bela intends to use her share of the proceeds to finance the creation of her first album as an artist. This is her chance to make her mark on the world of music, and she's inviting you to join her on this exciting journey.
About the song:

In this second freestyle, Colombian American producer Pete Rango wanted to challenge Heybela to rap over this upbeat experimental rhythm that combines the energy and colors of reggaeton, and the result was an overflow of rhymes in the best Latin style.

The song attempts to transmit the vibe of Latin discos, where all people are there to let loose and allow themselves to be carried away by the sensuality of the music.

The song achieves a perfect balance by addressing two themes in parallel: First, it reflects how music is a means of catharsis, where we become a single energy and let go of our worries and burdens.

Secondly, it is a criticism of the unbridled rhythm that we have adopted as a society, where we do not have time to process our emotions and we try to escape from our reality with excesses.

Each collector will have a different and exclusive cover art, and the winner of the Golden Egg will be minted at random.
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